Patient Information

 Loose bracket and band
It’s not usually considered as an emergency and can be taken care during the next follow up visit. If the part of your appliances that come off is causing irritation please contact us as soon as possible.

    Irritation of Lips and Cheeks from Braces
Cheeks and lips are not used to come in contact with braces and it can take some time until it feels normal. This can cause irritation of cheeks and lips. To alleviate the irritation, Economou Orthodontic Center will provide you with relief wax. Need to dry the bracket that cause the irritation using a cotton bud and apply a small piece a wax. If the wax falls of you can place a new piece. If you accidently swallow the wax, don’t worry, it’s harmless. In case the irritation gets difficult to tolerate please contact us.

  Mouth Sores from Braces
It is normal to experience some mouth sores during the first days after braces bonding, which usually appear on the lips or inside the cheeks. Application of oral-gel with topical anesthetic using a cotton swab can be helpful. The gel is provided by your orthodontist after the first visit.