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Economou Orthodontic Center is fully equipped with state of the art technology for the provision of high quality care.

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Children, adolescents and adults can visit our clinic confident
that they will receive excellent orthodontic treatment
in a modern and friendly environment.

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Metal braces

Metal braces are the most common type of appliances used for…

Clear braces

Clear braces are discrete and therefore suitable for adolescents and adults…


Lingual orthodontics is suitable for all ages (adolescents and adults)…



Invisalign® is a popular orthodontic technique for patients with high…

What patients say about Economou Orthodontic Center

  • I am so happy with my new smile! I can’t stop smiling! The experience during my treatment was great!
    I had the choice of many different elastic colors which made my smile unique! The practice
    is really cool, with bright colors, modern and high tech! Dr Stalo is the best!
    Thank you for the nice result, can’t stop smiling!

  • I have always wanted to straighten my teeth and get that 'perfect' smile, but things kept coming in the way,
    until I finally met Dr Stalo! She suggested to go with clear sapphire braces and my treatment lasted around a year.
    After seeing the change and impact on my smile, I would definitely recommend the center
    to everyone who are thinking about braces, you should go for it.
    Thank you Dr. Stalo for giving me a perfect smile!

  • My orthodontic treatment was a walk in the park thanks to Dr. Stalo Economou,
    my orthodontist, who carefully guided me throughout the process. I am so happy with my new smile!
    I chose to have the clear sapphire braces and I am happy that no one notices my braces when I am dancing
    as a ballerina. Just wonderful! Thank you very much for the beautiful smile!

  • I am very happy to have a beautiful smile thanks to my orthodontist, Dr Stalo Economou!
    My doctor made me feel safe, was approachable and friendly. She advised me about
    and explained every single step of the treatment process. There were many different elastic
    colors for me to choose from, making the experience very pleasant. The practice is very
    pleasant, with access to toys, storybooks, TV and ipads. Thank you very much for giving
    me confidence thanks to my perfect smile! You are the best!

  • For the first time in my adult life I found myself looking forward to visit my dentist! Dr. Stalo made it easy and funwhile maintaining exceptional professionalism throughout! I went from listening to "Oh you need a surgery" and "you need to put braces for at least a year", to a custom-made plan that did not require braces, lasted only 6-months, giving me the results I expected from surgery and saving me from so much time and pain! I appreciated Dr. Stalo's realistic approach to orthodontics. At no point during that process was I left alone wondering what was happening, she felt the importance to educate me and keep me up to date throughout the treatment. I recommended Dr. Stalo to all my family and friends!

  • As an adult and educator, I initially hesitated at the idea of visiting an orthodontist and having braces. However second guessing the process was out of the way already at my first visit with Dr Stalo Economou, who paid attention to my personal needs and explained thoroughly the type of treatment I could receive. Confidence in how my case was being addressed resulted in the immediate start of treatment. Month in and month out I am excited to see my teeth straightening out and I look forward to the final outcome! Dr Economou is an excellent professional with a cooperative approach towards patients, working in a warm and beautiful environment. I strongly recommend her! Dr Economou, many thanks for everything!

  • I decided to go ahead with an orthodontic treatment after receiving great recommendations about the Economou Orthodontic Center. Once I visited the practice, I was excited with the great environment that was so modern and clean and appreciated the very friendly and polite personnel. My Orthodontist, Dr Stalo Economou, is a young and pleasant person, and she made me feel confident about the treatment from the very first time we met. The most important part of getting orthodontic treatment by Dr Economou is that I didn’t ever experience any pain at all. And even without any pain or discomfort, I noticed a great improvement of my smile in less than six months! Thank you for the great smile!

  • My orthodontist Dr Stalo Economou is a great doctor and she is very patient and understanding. When I first had my braces, I was expecting to have some pain, based on my friends’ previous experience with braces. However, my treatment went very smoothly, with no pain at all. The environment at the Economou Orthodontic Centre is very pleasant, clean and modern. There are tablets for teenagers and books for adults. I suggest Dr Stalo to everyone who wants to have a nice smile! Thank you for the great result!

  • I trusted Dr. Stalo to be the orthodontist that would provide me with the smile of my dreams, as she has an excellent background, a warm personality, the right approach with her patients, works in a beautiful environment and has an excellent team. For around a year, I had the best quality braces and the best treatment for my needs. So, thank you Dr. Stalo for the beautiful and healthy smile you created for me!